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We have some nice older mares who aren't ready to retire and like to raise a baby so we continue to have 2 or 3 babies per year. Of course these old mares have been tried and true producers. It has been our policy to keep the babies until they are a bit older but, once again, because we ourselves are growing older we have decided to sell the babies after weaning. We are trying to make things a bit easier so we can continue having a couple of babies each year a bit longer. Some of these mares will retire soon and we will no longer breed them. They will live out their retirement here at the ranch. 

The three babies this year were as nice as any we have raised. Sweet temperaments. Nice conformation. They all are now at their new homes. Maggie, Pricilla and Rio were all exposed to Swap again this spring. We are really hoping for more like we had this year. 

MCR Twenty Twenty moved back here this summer. Nifty started school. He has been really nice to work with. With his cutting blood he is a bit more "looky" than some but he is becoming more and more confident. 

On this website, we hope to include a history of the horses we have raised and owned here on Moose Creek. If you own or have owned any MCR horses or if you know of someone who does, please let us know. We would love to hear their story and see their photos. If you have photos or stories of any of these horses including any in their pedigrees, I would love to receive them to put on the site.