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We've been raising horses on Moose Creek Ranch for over 40 years. For many years we checked cows and pastures on horseback. Even when we had the dairy, a horse was the best way to bring in the new batch of heifers or cows about to calve. The ponies and horses provided a lot of fun for the kids while teaching them life lessons they didn't even know they were getting. A good horse can teach a kid a lot. 

We always liked the baby horses so it was inevitable that we would raise a few of our own. You soon learn what makes a good broodmare and what qualities you want in a stallion when you are the ones raising, training and working with the horses yourself. Our kids were a big part of the operation so disposition in the stallions, mares and offspring was most important. We didn't want the kids handling horses that weren't respectful and good minded. That rule even stood for the cattle on the ranch. 

The kids are all off on their own now. We contribute much of their success in life to the lessons they learned from living on a ranch and being involved with the animals. We still have a few mares roaming the pastures. After all the years of breeding and culling, they are probably the best mares we ever owned. They like having a baby - they will try to steal one if they don't get one of their own. We like having a couple of babies to play with. 

On this website, we hope to include a history of the horses we have raised and owned here on Moose Creek. If you own or have owned any MCR horses or if you know of someone who does, please let us know. We would love to hear their story and see their photos. If you have photos or stories of any of these horses including any in their pedigrees, I would love to receive them to put on the site.