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MCR Heza Keeper

  • May 3, 2013
  • AQHA
  • (5550782)
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 15
MCR Heza Keeper

Breeder: Lynn Scott, Innisfail, AB, Canada

Hawk is one of those horses who seeks you out every time he sees you. When you walk around the yard you will see his blaze face pointed towards you from the closest spot he can manage to get to you. Visits to various vets and technicians hasn't found the cause of his mild lameness. He certainly doesn't hesitate to gallop or chase any of his herd mates whenever he gets the urge, but we can't seem to get him completely sound so he has been retired. Luckily we have lots of pastures and enjoy having him around so he is a valuable herd member even if we don't ride him. If you are having a bad day he is the one to go visit to get cheered up. If being a bit off was reason to be put down, I would be in trouble myself. LOL 

Dreams N Legends
01/26/2000 AQHA 4007685
Zans Living Legend
02/01/1990 AQHA 2987940
Zips Chocolate Chip
05/05/1985 AQHA 2302598
Zippo Pine Bar
1969 AQHA 061456
01/01/1968 AQHA 0561121
05/01/1979 AQHA 1464482
Zan Parr Bar
1974 AQHA 1014730
01/01/1966 AQHA 0462477
01/22/1995 AQHA 3356229
Zippo Pine Bar
1969 AQHA 061456
Zippo Pat Bars
1964 AQHA 0409541
Dollie Pine
1960 AQHA 0147949
02/01/1982 AQHA 1899000
1979 AQHA 1476958
1975 AQHA
MCR Sheza Keeper
May 1, 2002 AQHA 4208186
Five O Clock Lark
1989 AQHA 2819323
Rugged Lark
1981 AQHA 2086479
1960 TB T0063403
1969 AQHA 0601945
1981 AQHA 2070115
1963 AQHA 0288960
1969 AQHA 0671725
MCR Class Act
04/21/1996 AQHA 3508378
Zip Along Cassidy
03/01/1990 AQHA 2936684
Zippos Doug Two
1980 AQHA 1588217
Lynda Lee Cass
1976 AQHA 1184377
Body Language
01/21/1982 AQHA 1841916
Sonny Dee Bar
03/13/1965 AQHA 0363938
Ms Debutant
01/01/1976 AQHA 1482213

Dreams N Legends

Leading Sire of Alberta Pot O' Gold Futurity Winners.

Many of his offspring ended up working cattle on pastures, competing in Cowboy Challenges, a wide variety of things, with many of them being trained and shown by amateurs.

Zans Living Legend

Performance Record: 

Qualified Jr Western Pleasure World Show (1993-Open); Superior Western Pleasure (1993-Open); Performance Register of Merit (1992-Open). Earned: 20 Performance Wins; 67.5 Performance Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 1 Performance Superior Award. Other Earnings: AQHA Incentive Fund $2,134.22; National Snaffle Bit Association $1,059.13.

Production Record: 

Sire of 12  Open, 8 Amateur and 4 Youth Halter Point Earners. 21 Open, 23.5 Amateur and 26.5 Youth Halter Points

Sire of 31 Open, 20 Amateur and 12 Youth Performance Point Earners. 800 Open, 297.5 Amateur and 632 Youth Performance Points

Show All Around Wins: 41 Open, 14 Amateur and 50 Youth.

Points Earned All Divisions 1,800.5. AQHA Incentive Earnings $30,997.09. AQHA World Championship Show Winnings $1129.61. National Snaffle Bit Association Winnings $42,930,17.

Grandsire of 125 Foals of which 34 were Performers. Performance of these Foals: Earned: 279 Performance Wins; 1,013.5 Performance Points; 56 Halter Wins; 37.0 Halter Points; 175 Novice Wins; 415.0 Novice Points; 14 Performance Register of Merits; 5 Performance Superior Awards; 1 AQHA Championship; 1 Grand Championship; 16 Reserve Grand Championships; 16 All Around Championships; 23 Reserve All Around Championships; 1 High Point Earned; 1 Halter Register of Merit. Other Earnings: AQHA World Championship Show $1,493.97; AQHA Incentive earners $30,997.09; National Snaffle Bit Association $42,930.17; Palomino Horse Breeders Hlt Points 918.0; Palomino Horse Breeders Perf Points 2.0.

Zips Chocolate Chip

AQHA Hall of Fame Horse

Junior Western Pleasure 69 points

Western Pleasure 12 points

ROM Performance

World Champion Jr Western Pleasure (1989)

Superior Western Pleasure (1989)


Zippo Pine Bar

AQHA Champion 

Hi Point Western Riding

Superior Western Pleasure

ROM Arena

Halter - 33 points; Performance - 112 points

All Time Leading Sire of Performance Horses.

Zans Tiffany Ann

AQHA Champion

78 Open Halter Points & 1 Youth Halter Point

69 Open Performance Points 

Superior Halter

High Point Dally Team Roping Heading Top 10

World Show Aged Mare Top 5

World Show Jr Heeling Top 10

Reserve World Champion 3 Year Old Mare

Dam of: .5 Open Halter points

Dam of 125.5 Open, 22 Amateur and 1 Youth Performance Points

Dam of Superior Performance

 Total Combined Pints 149, National Snaffle Bit Association $1059.13

Zan Parr Bar

  ZAN PARR BAR's Performance Record. World Champion Aged Stallion (1980-Open). World Show Sr Heeling /3rd Place (1980-Open). High Point Steer Roping (1979-Open). World Champion Aged Stallion (1979-Open). World Show Sr Heading /6th Place (1979-Open). World Show Sr Heeling /7th Place (1979-Open). Superior Steer Roping (1978-Open). High Point Steer Roping /6th Place (1978-Open). World Show Jr Heeling /4th Place (1978-Open). AQHA Champion (1978-Open). Superior Halter (1977-Open). High Point Halter /3rd Place (1977-Open). High Point Halter Stallion (1977-Open). High Point Junior Halter (1977-Open). World Champion 3 Yr Old Stallion (1977-Open). Performance Register of Merit (1977-Open). Earned: 57 Performance Wins; 357.0 Performance Points; 115 Halter Wins; 245.0 Halter Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 3 World Championships; 1 Halter Superior Award; 1 Performance Superior Award; 1 AQHA Championship; 114 Grand Championships; 13 Reserve Grand Championships; 2 High Point Earned. 

Sire of:

7 AQHA Champions
27 ROM
15 Superior Event Horses
2 Reserve World Champion Super Horses
1 World Champion Super Horse


ZAN PARR BAR Sired 652 Foals of which 282 were Performers. Performance of these Foals: Total Race Earnings $139. Earned: 6,056 Performance Wins; 23,630.5 Performance Points; 1,370 Halter Wins; 1,308.5 Halter Points; 89 Novice Wins; 92.5 Novice Points; 204 Performance Register of Merits; 38 World Championships; 6 Halter Superior Awards; 148 Performance Superior Awards; 23 AQHA Championships; 13 Performance Championships; 31 Reserve World Championships; 407 Grand Championships; 473 Reserve Grand Championships; 7 Versatility Awards; 1,047 All Around Championships; 248 Reserve All Around Championships; 40 High Point Earned; 5 All Around High Point Earned; 3 Reserve All Around High Point Earned; 6 Halter Register of Merits. Alliance Partner Earnings: National Cutting Horse Association $4,783.34; National Reining Horse Association $223,964.02; National Snaffle Bit Association $442.05.

Sagey Ann

22 Open Halter Points

High Point Steer Roping, High Point Steer Roping Mare, 

AQHA Champion

Dam of 198 Open, 4 Amateur & 64 Youth Halter Points

Dam of 220.5 Open, 18.5 Amateur and 173 Youth Performance Points

Dam of 678 Combined Points

Dam of: 2 Open AQHA Champions & 1 Youth AQHA Champion

Dam of 1 Reserve World Champion

Dam of 1 Youth Superior Performance

Dam of 2 Open Show All Around Wins and 12 Youth All Around Wins

Zippos Queen of Hearts

Dam of:  1 Open, 3.5 Amateur and 6 Youth Halter Points

Dam of: 9.5 Open, 4.5 Amateur and 30.5 Youth Performance Points. 

Dam of 4 Youth Show All Around Wins

Dam of 55 Points Combined, National Snaffle Bit Association $1995.85

Zippo Pat Bars


Sire of: ROM Race, AQHA Champion, Hi Point Performance

Dollie Pine

AQHA Champion

Dam of: AQHA Champion, Hi Point Performance

Tardys Valentine

124 Open Performance Points.

94 Amateur Performance Points 

45 Youth Performance Points

AQHA World Championship Show $448.22. National Snaffle Bit Association $2412.65

Superior Open & Amateur Western Pleasure. Top 10 Amateur World Show Jr Western Pleasure. Top 5 Youth World Show Western Pleasure

Dam of 2 Performance Point Earners earning 34.5 Open and 13 Amateur Performance Points. 47.5 Points Total. National Snaffle Bit Association $1180.17.

Five O Clock Lark

Over $5000 in NRHA earnings

Reining Canadian Supreme Open Champion

WRHA Open Champion

SRHA Open Champion

2001 Open Reserve BCRA

Central  Canada Slide 'n Spin Open Champion

1997 Florida QH Assoc. Novice Horse Non Pro Champion

1998 Florida Reining Horse Assoc. Novice Horse Non Pro Champion


ROM Reining

2000 Co-reserve Champion at Canadian Supreme Open NRHA Class

WRHA Open Champion In Armstrong. 

SRHA Open Champion in Moose Jaw

2001 Open Reserve BCRA in Armstrong.

Central anada Slide 'n Spin Open Champion in Brandon. 


Rugged Lark

AQHA World Champion Super Horse 2 Times

Sire of 2 Super Horses in both English & Western Events.

Jay's Sugar Bars

1971 AQHA Hi Point Reining Champion

Zip Along Cassidy

Pleasure Futurity Winner

Sire of: Multiple Longeline Class Winner, 6th Gold Rush Futurity

Performance 1.5

Grandsire 8 Open Performance

Zippos Doug Two

Sire of: 

Hi Point Performance, Superior Performance

Winner of Whistle Stop Futuity, 2nd Tom Powers Futurity, Winner Memphis Southern Belle Futurity, Superior Western Pleasure

Lynda Lee Cass

AQHA Champion

Youth AQHA Champion

Superior Western Pleasure

Halter points - 152 & Performance Points - 142

Dam of: Hi Point Western Pleasure, Superior Western Pleasure

Body Language

Dam of Earners of:

87 AQHA Halter & Performance Points

19.5 Open & 13 Amateur & 8 Youth Halter points

14.5 Open & 3.5 Amateur and 28.5 Youth Performance Points

Halter Open & Amateur ROM

Performance Open & Youth ROM

12 Youth All Around Wins

Sonny Dee Bar

ROM Performance 1970

ROM Halter

Superior Halter - 1971

Total Points Earned: 72 - 62 Halter Points, 10 Performance Points

AQHA Hall of Fame - 2003

Stallion Offspring Record

4 Open World Champion Offspring winning 5 World Championships
1 Youth World Champion
1 Open Reserve World Champion Offspring
4 Youth Reserve World Champion Offsping winning 5 Reserve Championships
2 Open 2 Amateur & 1 Youth High Point Offspring

Top Ten World Show Offspring
Supreme Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Reserve High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
Race Money-earners
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
Performance Point Earners
Halter Point Earners
Hall of Fame Offspring, NSBA
NSBA Money-earners

He sired, among others, such famous horses as Maid of Luck, Red Sonny Dee, Lucky Machine, Sonny Go Lucky, Sonny Deluxe, Dirty Larry, Sonny Go Royal, James Caan, and Scotch Bar Time (who was inducted into the National Snaffle Bit Association Hall of Fame in 2002).

Sonny Dee Bar’s offspring have earned more than 35,000 points in four different breed organizations.  The stallion sired 1,068 foals, including 409 point earners that garnered 24,106 points in AQHA competition with thirty-one of them AQHA Champions, one AQHA Supreme Champion, and five AQHA World Champions. Several of his sons went on to become leading sires of performance horses themselves, such as Scotch Bar Time, Reynolds Rap, Sonny Go Royal and Sonny Go Lucky.

Ms Debutant

Halter Points - 6 & Performance Points 179

1980 Open Superior Hunter Under Saddle

1980 Open World Show Jr Trail Horse 9th Place

1970 Open Superior Western Pleasure

1979 Open Performance Register of Merit

World Superhorse Contender

 Dam of Earners of:

558.5 AQHA Points

18.5 Open & 51.5 Amateur & 1.5 Youth Halter Points

37 Open & 540.5 Amateur & 19.5 Youth Performance Points

1 Open & 2 Amateur Halter ROM

1 Open & 3 Amateur & 1 Youth ROM

1 Open & 2 Amateur AQHA Champions

4 Amateur Superior Performance

107 Amateur All Around Wins

4 Open All Around Wins